If you are reading this there is a change that you are concerned about someone you care about who is using substances and engaging in behaviors that are destructive to themselves and others. Watching someone you love spiraling down into his or her addiction can be devastatingly painful.

You have most likely have tried everything you can think of to help your friend, family member, or employee. You may feel powerless, frustrated, frightened, sad and angry. You too deserve help dealing with your feelings and behavior.

Since addiction to substances and behaviors affect those who are involved with the addicted person, I utilize my years of experience as a family systems therapist to work with all who are experiencing difficulties. The process of intervention is for all who are concerned about the person with the addiction, not just the addict.

I will guide you to greater understanding about what you can do to care for yourself even if an intervention is not recommended.

I employ several models of intervention in conjunction with my experience and skills as a licensed marriage and family therapist (MFT) and certified addiction specialist (CAS). I customize each intervention to the specific of the clients needs.

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