I am a compassionate, empathetic, engaging and challenging therapist. I utilize the many disciplines I have integrated over the almost 30 years of practicing as a Licensed Marriage Family Therapist (LMFT). I am also a Certified Addiction Specialist. I tailor treatment to each individual, couple, and family. I will help guide you on your journey of change.

My passion is specialized work with adolescents and adults whose lives are affected by ADHD, substance abuse, and/or behavioral addictions such as sex, love, gambling, spending, and pornography. I have expertise working with people suffering from mood disorders, anxiety, trauma, and grief. I also work with adults and adolescents with autistic spectrum disorder.

Please see Treatment Modalities for more specific information regarding my clinical practice.


I provide phone and in person consultations along with interventions for individuals and families in the United States, Canada, and Europe. I am available to you for a one-time information session, several sessions, interventions, expert witness testimony, and AD/HD coaching. I do not provide therapy by phone, Skype, or email.

My goal is to share my expertise so that you can obtain the help and resources you need where you live. Here are some of the ways that I may be helpful:

  1. Provide information and resources to help you or a loved one create a comprehensive treatment program for AD/HD and/or or addiction.
  2. Plan and orchestrate drug and alcohol interventions. Planning can take place at my office, your home, or by phone, Facetime or Skype. I will come to you to carry out the intervention.
  3. Work with attorneys to provide expert testimony in court cases involving ADHD, learning disabilities and or ADHD
  4. Provide short term couching for ADHD


You have most likely have tried everything you can think of to help your friend, family member, or employee. You may feel powerless, frustrated, frightened, sad and angry. You too deserve help dealing with your feelings and behavior.

Since addiction to substances and behaviors affect those who are involved with the addicted person, I utilize my years of experience as a family systems therapist to work with all who are experiencing difficulties. The process of intervention is for all who are concerned about the person with the addiction, not just the addict.

I will guide you to greater understanding about what you can do to care for yourself even if an intervention is not recommended.

I employ several models of intervention in conjunction with my experience and skills as a licensed marriage and family therapist (MFT) and certified addiction specialist (CAS). I customize each intervention to the specific of the clients needs.

Workshops & Trainings

I provide trainings and workshops on AD/HD and addictions, criminal behavior, parenting, shame, and various topics in the US, Canada, Europe, and Asia.

I am also an inspirational speaker and share my journey of recovery. You can listen to this by purchasing my CD entitled; You Are More Than Your Disorder.